Quiz About Mental Health Issues

Codependency is focusing so much on another person and their needs and problems that we forget to take care of our own well-being and emotional mental health. Codependency is often more damaging than a person with chemical dependence. You can find more information about codependency in our Weekly Tips and Library Suggestions.

Love Addicton is even more extreme than codependency. We become so addicted to our romantic love relationship that we allow ourselves to be treated poorly and begin to feel that we cannot live without the other person, affecting our wellness. There is often real love between the two people, but there is even a greater amount of love addiction.

Dysfunctional Family is a term that defines the degree of abuse or unhealthy rules that a family follows. As with most things a dysfunctional family is defined on a continuum from minimum to maximum. Learn more about the problems of a dysfunctional family.

Please take some time to fill out this questionnaire pertaining mental health issues:

       Yes    No
             1.) Are you able to express your feelings to your partner?

              2.) Are you able to ask your partner for what you want?

              3.) Do you feel secure in your relationship?

              4.) Are you able to show affection openly?

              5.) Do you and your partner fight fairly, that is without violent words  

                             or acts?

              6.) Are you comfortable with anger in your relationship?

              7.) Are you only sensitive to criticism from your partner?

              8.) Are you comfortable with alone time?

              9.) Are you able to negotiate and compromise with your partner?

              10.) Are you satisfied with how you and your partner communicate?

If you answered "No" to two or more of these mental health and wellness questions, you may benefit from our online counseling and audio/visual therapy services.

We can provide you with mental health counseling and therapy on issues such as: codependency, love addiction, wellness, dysfunctional families, depression, anxiety, relationships.

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