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Darlene Albury, LCSW - Online Social WorkerHello, my name is Darlene Albury and I am an Online Social Worker. I live in Queens, NY. My time away from work is basically spent with my husband, children, grand-children and sisters. I have a very close knit family and we often come together on weekends and holidays. With time on my hands through the day I felt this was a perfect opportunity for me to help others by becoming an Online Social Worker through this site.

I earned my Bachelors Degree in 1996 specializing in Human Services and counseling, and my Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work in 1999. I have been licensed since 1999 in the State of New York, and now work as an online social worker. I spent my career working with families and children affected by substance abuse, veterans who suffer with substance abuse and PTSD, and counseling parents whose children were remove from their homes because of substance abuse and neglect. I functioned as a liaison for parents in Family Court working towards getting their families returned to their care and entering into substance abuse treatment and counseling. Families I worked with dealt with the issues mentioned above as well as sexual abuse from early childhood to similar situations happening with their own children. I help with issues of parenting, entering into long term and short term treatment, family reunification, housing, court advocate and individual and family counseling. I also functioned as a liaison for and between the foster parents and biological parents. I assisted parents entering back into society for work placement or returning to school to further their education, parenting skills and treatment for their children.

Behavior modification is the basis of my work. I like taking a psychosocial approach to counseling. According to Erickson, human life as the individual experiences it, is produced by the interaction and modification of three major systems: the biological system, the psychological system, and the societal system. I work hard to improve the lives of my clients and help them confront and resolve their personal dilemmas and cope with loss and life changes. I consider myself to be a skilled professional who helps people help themselves, by providing useful information and a wide range of resources for those in need. This requires me to have access to cutting-edge ideas, current information, and high quality resources.

My schedule is flexible, appointments can be scheduled through my office. I can do e-mail counseling sessions, chat, video, and phone counseling.

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