101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health (Book)

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This health care resource collection addresses the topics of psychology, energy work, nutritional aids, self-care, holistic health care vs. allopathic medicine, the role of exercise and appropriate food choices plus many others. All of these health articles can only be found in this collection which makes this self-help book unique and indispensible. A sampling of articles from“101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health” follows: Simple Solutions for Recovering Your Health and Extending Your Life Span – Hormones for Health: Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy – End Chronic Pain – Postpartum Emotional Health – Referred Pain and Trigger Point Therapy – Naturopathic Physicians: Doctors Who Understand Health as Much as Disease – The Root Cause of All Cancer – Are You a Walking Time Bomb? – Weight Training for Longevity – An Introduction to Energy Healing – Why You Can’t Lose Weight. These titles are but a small sample of the diverse and informative self-help articles that can be found in this unique resource. The variety that is in this book is truly amazing. This type of book is especially timely since people are much more interested in being a partner in their health these days than they were in the past. People no longer simply take their doctors word as gospel and instead do their own research. This book will assist you in that research.