Confessions of an Online Counselor …or what therapists really say to their clients

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The purpose of Confessions of An Online Counselor is two-fold. The first is to describe and familiarize the public with the radically new, but reassuringly traditional phenomena called online counseling, online therapy, e-therapy. This is a revolutionary form of therapy that is still unknown by the majority though its popularity is growing at a phenomenal rate. The first online counseling websites and clinics began in the late 1990’s and was one of the pioneers. It started in 1998 and from the beginning the guiding principal of the site was to be a one stop online health care clinic where people from around the world could have a choice of a complete medical and counseling team of caring professionals who viewed people in a holistic fashion. The online sessions have always included email, chat, phone, and video counseling. One of the differences between Ask The Internet Therapist and other online counseling sites is the ability to access and purchase mental health videos, psychology books, and hypnosis CDs and MP3s to complement online therapy sessions. The second purpose of this book is to provide detailed knowledge and insight into many common psychological problems and disorders. I tried to pick a good sampling of mental health concerns and therefore the book is a great resource for people who are trying to discover what symptoms they are experiencing mean. As an online counselor I go on the record with my thoughts and feelings in a series of e-mail responses to client’s questions ranging from relationship problems to serious psychiatric conditions that are often dealt with in private practice. For many people the thought of going to see a counselor is scary or mysterious. This book attempts to demystify what happens in a mental health session and make the whole process less scary. Online counseling is offered in four different mediums. These are e-mail counseling, chat therapy, telephone counseling, and audio-visual therapy. This book explains these mediums and gives detailed examples of actual e-mail and chat therapy sessions. Confessions of An Online Counselor allows clients and the public to view in black and white what actually occurs between the client and the counselor. ISBN: 9781933154572