Coping with Depression Hypnosis CD

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Depression may be described as feeling sad, blue, unhappy, miserable, or down in the dumps. Most of us feel this way at one time or another for short periods. That is normal. True clinical depression is a mood disorder. When someone is depressed it is much worse than feeling sad or going through a bad time. People who are depressed feel bad about themselves and their lives most of the time. Lifting your depression through hypnosis is effective and safe without the use of chemicals or other drugs. Usually hypnosis such as this hypnosis CD for depression is enough to resolve the issue. When hypnosis in and of itself is insufficient for the resolution of the disorder then the neurochemistry needs to be addressed more directly. Serious major depression has been shown to respond to medication such as Zoloft or Effexor, but many times a natural antidepressant called MOOD-care by ADD-care® (Liquid) has been shown to be just as effective. It is a blend of homeopathic remedies and St. John’s Wort. The wonderful thing about natural supplements is that they rarely have side effects and therefore are much safer. This hypnosis CD for depression uses beach guided imagery with background music. This hypnosis script is by Jef Gazley MS, LMFT who is a certified clinical hypnotherapist. Copyright © 2011.