Hypnotic Children's Stories CD

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These are soothing and relaxing classic stories for children that will help children calm down when it is time to go to bed. There are no subliminal messages whatsoever in this hypnotic CD and no suggestions at all. The reason why children calm down and are more likely to get to sleep sooner is only due to the soothing voice of the reader and the fact that fantasy stories automatically put children into a natural hypnotic state. The two titles are: The White Cat and Thumbelina. Everyone goes into a hypnotic trance twice a day when the brain wave state Theta is reached. We zip through Theta when we wake up before we stop at Beta which is the brain wave state of conscious awareness and when we go to sleep right before we reach the brain wave state of Delta which is sleep. We just don’t stay in Theta long unless we are daydreaming. That is where children come in. As you know children are daydreaming often and therefore are in Theta or hypnosis often. All it takes for a child to reach theta is a melodic voice and a great fantasy story and these two stories are exactly that. Don’t fight with your child about going to bed. Instead make it fun for them with this great hypnotic children stories CD.