Is that the reason I get abused? (eBook)

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Is that the reason I get abused? eBook teaches about healthy boundaries in relationships, and focuses on the enormous problem of poor boundaries and how to confront abusive behavior effectively.

One aspect of good mental health is to ensure that you maintain an intolerance for abuse. No one has the right to treat another person poorly. Simply put, if a person allows someone to abuse them that person’s self-esteem will plummet. On the other hand, when that same person stands up and confronts the abuser, their self-esteem soars.

Most people accept a huge amount of so-called smaller abuse because our society tolerates it. Many people pretend not to recognize passive-aggressive behavior such as a sneer or an exasperated sigh because they have been taught that real abuse has to be more direct such as a person yelling or cussing so they ignore the “lesser” abuse. However, if you allow someone to get away with that type of abuse it not only begins to add up overtime, causing the same loss of self-esteem as any type of abuse, but it telegraphs to the abuser that you will not defend your boundaries and so they often begin to abuse you more.

This mental health ebook on healthy boundaries makes it quite clear what types of behavior are abusive and explains why it is so important to stop the abusive behavior and confront the person immediately and how to confront the behavior.

For more skills in terms of communication I would suggest obtaining the Communication and Assertiveness ebook.

By Jef Gazley, M.S., LMFT ©2008