Self-sabotage Hypnosis CD

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Self-sabotaging behavior occurs when there is no logical or rational explanation for why you can not do the things you want to do or why you can not have the things you want to have. There is something inside you that is stronger than your desire and sabotages your efforts. This usually occurs because of old negative messages from childhood that connoted that you would not succeed or were not deserving of success. It can also occur due to the need to be perfect. This hypnosis CD will help stop this pattern, help you get over the block and give focus to the subconscious mind to abolish sabotaging behavior and achieve desired goals. Don’t let self-sabotaging behavior ruin your life and thwart you from your desires. Hypnosis can allow you to erase those negative messages that program failure at the last minute. You don’t need to derail your success by doing something subconsciously to ensure failure. This hypnosis CD to stop self-sabotaging has suggestions that target this behavior and give you a sense of being deserving of success. There is no need to be a slave to your past or your past messages from childhood. This hypnosis CD on self-sabotage uses beach guided imagery with background music by Jef Gazley MS, LMFT who is a certified clinical hypnotist. Copyright © 2011.