Sleep - Beach Hypnosis CD

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When you can’t sleep your body simply does not receive what it needs in terms of recuperative powers that only can occur in a normal sleep cycle. That means that each night without the proper sleep pattern diminishes you and adds stress to your system. This of course makes you less likely to sleep the next night and a viscous cycle develops. If medication for sleep is taken then even though it works to get you to sleep the normal sleep pattern is disrupted and a film of lethargy and confusion overlays your sleep. Again it makes it even harder to get to sleep normally the following evening. This hypnosis CD for sleep however has no side effects and is even more effective in normalizing the natural sleep pattern. When you get the optimum amount of sleep your body and mind simply run better. Many medical problems simply fade away with the proper amount of sleep. All your neurochemicals and endorphins are greatly increased with sleep. Besides getting enough exercise there is probably nothing you can do for your health as much as getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night. This hypnosis CD for sleep with beach imagery can help you achieve that. This sleep hypnosis CD uses beach imagery and background music without any subliminal messages by Jef Gazley MS, LMFT who is a certified clinical hypnotist. Copyright © 2006. This hypnosis CD does not contain any subliminal messages. Do not drive or operate machinery while listening to this or any other hypnosis CD or MP3.