Water Phobia Hypnosis CD

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Most people find the sight of water as peaceful, majestic, or enjoyable. However, when you suffer from a phobia of water the mere sight of a body of water can seem like a nightmare. It can feel as if the water is calling to you and drawing you towards its center towards certain death. Don’t allow yourself to view water in this fashion. Realize that the fear is irrational and know that it can be dissolved. This hypnosis CD for water phobia is a powerful tool to aid you in defeating this irrational fear. Hypnosis is one of the recognized “power therapies” that work on the subconscious mind and the body to relieve pain and suffering. These techniques are quicker, less painful, and more effective than talk therapy to relieve mental health issues. They have been found to be extremely effective with phobias. This hypnosis CD will give you rapid relief for your fear of water. Another equally effective tool is an energy psychology technique called Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. It works right on the body’s cells to relieve the terror associated with any phobia and has been shown to be effective with phobias in many university studies. This hypnosis CD uses beach guided imagery with background music. This hypnosis script is by Jef Gazley MS, LMFT who is a certified clinical hypnotherapist. Copyright © 2011.