Chemical Dependence: Understanding Addiction - Educational Video Tape (VHS)

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Chemical Dependence: Understanding Addiction - Educational Video Tape (VHS) A self-help video about Substance Abuse Treatment Has anyone ever suggested you quit or cut back on your drug/alcohol use? Has drinking or using affected your reputation? Have you made promises to control your drinking or using and then broken them? Have you ever switched to different drinks or drugs or changed your using pattern in an effort to control or reduce your consumption? This unique video describes the signs and symptoms of addiction. Both alcohol and drug abuse are discussed in clear language including the changes the body goes through with addiction and the behaviors that may occur. Different treatment options are explored in detail. This self-help DVD is excellent for the addict seeking relief, concerned family members, or a clinician in the substance abuse field. Jef Gazley, M.S., LMFT has been a leader in the field of substance abuse treatment for over 36 years and brings his expertise and personal understanding to this chemical dependence video. This educational video describes the physiological, emotional, and behavioral manifestations of this disorder. This psychology video offers one (1) NBCC-approved CE clock hour. By Jef Gazley MS, LMFT © 2006. Running Time: 57:11 minutes Watch this Chemical Dependence and Drug Abuse psychology video right from your computer. It's faster and inexpensive! See a Sample of the Chemical Dependence Psychology Video A review by a therapist about this chemical dependence psychology video: I use this video regularly to help my clients understand alcoholism and other substances of abuse. Feeling out of control affects the whole family unit. Jef Gazley clearly and systemically breaks down both the behavioral and bio-chemical aspects of addiction. His use of charts and visual aids is excellent, resulting in a clear, concise presentation.