Boundaries: Stop Getting Abused and Learn Healthy Boundaries - Educational Video Tape (VHS)

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Learn about Boundaries in Relationships. There are two kinds of boundaries. Internal boundaries include knowing where you end off and where another person begins. These boundaries entail the willingness and ability to parent yourself and to define your own ethical standards. A person with good internal boundaries is aware of what they think and feel and do what is right for them in the long-term rather than to allow themselves to specialize in the pleasures of the moment to the point of irresponsibility. External boundaries have to do with recognizing when another person has stepped over your boundaries, which is abusive behavior, and the willingness to defend those boundaries. This psychology DVD titled Boundaries: Stop Getting Abused and Learn Healthy Boundaries helps a person set appropriate boundaries in relationships ensuring that no abuse occurs. Abusive or unfair fights are violations of personal boundaries in relationships. Abuse can be explained as anything that isn’t useful, so if you were to use the term broadly, anything in human communication that is not useful in appropriate communication and behavior can be considered abuse. This educational self-help DVD addresses the problem of relationship boundaries and presents solutions on how to gain and maintain healthy boundaries in relationships. The definition of a boundary violation is the violation of a person's physical or mental state, which is different for every person. Abuse means not useful, therefore in the broadest sense anything that is not useful in human communication may be deemed (ab-use). It is important to realize that we all have a right and a duty to defend our boundaries in an appropriate manner when we feel violated. This mental health video will teach you how. By Jef Gazley ,M.S., LMFT Copyright © 2006. The series includes: Dysfunctional Families, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Parenting, Codependence, Chemical Dependence, Communication and Assertiveness, and Love Addiction. Running Time: 31:15 minutes Watch the complete Boundaries video today. Download it into your computer. It is faster and inexpensive! See a Sample of this Boundaries Psychology Video   This is a review of the Boundaries psychology video by a therapist: The process of learning good boundaries can be difficult if those boundaries were not modeled for you. Defending yourself without hurting others is indeed an art. This DVD will help you learn how. Learn to identify abuse and defend yourself appropriately.