Love Addiction: Is My Relationship Healthy? - Educational Video Tape (VHS)

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Love Addiction: Is My Relationship Healthy? Learn how to develop a healthy relationship without becoming addicted to love. Is it real love? Do you feel like half a person without sex or a relationship? Are you afraid of abandonment? Love Addiction – Is My Relationship Healthy? This love and relationship advice video focuses on the causes, symptoms, and treatment of love addiction and unhealthy relationships. Most relationship advice in the popular media is guaranteed to teach a person unrealistic expectations about their most important relationships. This fuels mutual misunderstanding and misguided recriminations and ultimately causes severe dissatisfaction, which often leads to separation and divorce. Learning to take emotional care of the self lessens the feeling of obligation and paradoxically often leads to the other person wanting to give more freely. Mature love is about intimacy, and in addictive love, it is about intensity. Often in our culture, there is a feeling that our partners owe us something. The fact is that no one owes us anything. Each of us is a separate human being. To understand relationships one has to look at how people develop and begin to individuate. When individuation occurs need lessens and healthy want replaces that need. Couples feel less beholden and can truly give voluntarily. The relationship and love advice in this educational video aims at giving the individual quality information that will make their relationship more intimate and healthy. This psychology video offers one (1) NBCC-approved CE clock hour. By Jef Gazley,M.S., LMFT Copyright © 2006. Running Time: 59:35 minutes Watch this Love and Sex Addiction psychology video right from your computer today. It's faster and inexpensive! See a Sample of this psychology video on how to develop healthy relationships.   A review by a therapist about the love addiction psychology video by Jef Gazley, M.S., LMFT: Is your love relationship healthy? Learn the difference between healthy and an unhealthy love. Has PTSD or feelings of abandonment made you clingy, nervous without your significant other present? This self-help DVD demonstrates the cycle of love, with proper boundaries. You'll learn that you deserve a healthy form of love, if you know the difference.