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Chat counseling

Chat counseling offers you the anonymous writing experience of etherapy with the benefit of an immediate response from an individual online therapist. It is even possible to have several health care professionals in the same chat counseling experience. This enables us to ensure you a multi-disciplinary approach to the health issue that is most important to you at the present time, and allows our staff to view your health care problem as a whole. This is a much more effective way to treat an individual, but has been too impractical and expensive before the advent of etherapy. It is limiting and ineffective to ignore the fact that when one body system is affected by a disease or syndrome, the rest of the body and mind can also become out of balance.

All staff are able to take clients from their home states only.


30 min. Chat Session (Group 1) - $40.00
60 min. Chat Session (Group 1) - $80.00
30 min. Chat Session (Group 2) - $60.00
60 min. Chat Session (Group 2) - $120.00


Traditionally, at least in Western Civilization, medicine has looked at health problems in an individual piece meal fashion. This approach has lead to over specialization, which has been a detriment to health care in general. The medical community and the general population in recent years have begun to look more to the person as a whole and we at AskTheInternetTherapist believe that this will lead to increased general health. Therefore, we strive to always remember that we are working with complex and individual people and not just a symptom. We believe it is important to recognize the uniqueness in the individual.

This revolutionary synchronous health care medium allows people in rural areas, and those who experience general transportation difficulties to access health care specialists in the medical and counseling fields just as readily as if they lived in the same city. The world is now wherever a person resides. Medical information and counseling are now yours from the privacy of your own home or office. This is often less embarrassing for some clients or patients. It also is much easier to remember to tell your doctor or chat therapist all your symptoms without feeling that you are being rushed. The chat medium allows people the comfort and annonymity of online counseling with the immediacy of face-to-face counseling because it is in real time.

Things to keep in mind:

The platform for counseling is outside of this site and provides you with an encrypted chat session. However, if you choose to use another chat medium, please contact your therapist to see if they can accommodate you.

We recommend connect five minutes before your scheduled session to login.

All staff are able to take clients from their home states only.




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