Telephone Counseling

We pay for the phone call itself and you simply pay for the telephone counseling or medical information session. Not all counselors offer phone counseling. Check the therapist biography for that information. The telephone therapist will send an e-mail with that phone number after a phone counseling session is confirmed. Many of the therapists use an online tool to communicate through video call.

Many therapists have the option of using the audio section of IM Tools of your preference. Some counselors also have text available. Simply email the phone therapist of your choice to make any of these special arrangements.


30 min. Telephone Session (Group 1) - $40.00
60 min. Telephone Session (Group 1) - $80.00
30 min. Telephone Session (Group 2) - $60.00
60 min. Telephone Session (Group 2) - $120.00

Phone counseling and medical information sessions have a long history in the health care field. At times it has been difficult or unfeasible to meet face-to-face. Emergency medical care has often used this form of communication to transmit doctors orders to hospitals for medication changes, to obtain medical consultations with specialists who live out of the State or country, and to do triage in general. Because of the increased efficiency of communication and because it is so cost effective this form of telemedicine is on the rise.

Emergency psychiatric care was pioneered in the 1960's with the advent of suicide hotlines. These programs were and continue to be extremely effective. These phone counseling services were broadened by including rape hotlines just a short while later. Phone counseling gives you the privacy you desire for an affordable price. It links the health care practitioner with the entire world. It is no longer necessary for people who live in rural areas or who have other transportation problems to be restricted in their health care choices.

Clinicians from Group 1 charge $40 per thirty minutes while those from Group 2 charge $60 per thirty minutes. To set a phone session please make a selection below. You can also go to the Therapist's Main Page and select the online phone counselor of your preference. Even though not all of our therapists offer phone sessions, they offer other mediums such as chat counseling or email therapy sessions.



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