Dr. Judith Allen

State Board Licensed Online Counselor LPC LMFT Relationship Issues



Hello! My name is Dr. Judith L. Allen. I am State Board Licensed LPC in Professional Counseling #LPC-11964, and Licensed  in Marriage and Family Therapy LMFT-2601 in Texas . I teach Analytical Hypnotherapy and have been in practice for 35 years, with primary interests in relationships, problems with anxiety, shyness, self-esteem (also called self-worth or self-respect) problems, self-help, depression, and family of origin issues, including abuse issues. I like to help people learn to balance their lives with good relationships, good work, and learning to be happy. Sometimes unconscious obstacles might be interfering with development and with making good choices . This can be changed through therapy. Learning to change your self-image and self-worth can help you become the person you really want to be. 

After conducting online therapy for over 20 years, I'm now convinced that it can be just as effective as work in an office-based practice, for most problematic issues. Online therapy is an extremely competent form of self-help. If you would like to work with me, I look forward to hearing about your current concerns or ongoing situations, and to have the opportunity to help. We can work together to learn your strengths, learn new coping skills, and begin to put your own welfare, self-respect and happiness as your #1 priority. 

Warmest regards, 

Dr. Judith Allen.

Dr. Judith Allen is available for Phone Sessions, Chat Online Counseling Sessions, and Virtual Email Counseling Sessions. She ONLY accepts time slots of 1 hour at the time for Phone Sessions and Chat Online Counseling Sessions. For Virtual Email Counseling Sessions she accepts only 30 minute time slots