Kathleen Madison

Internet Therapist for Mental Health Issues:
Anxiety and Depression. Stress. Sleeplessness. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. Marital, Separation, Divorce Issues. Cognitive and Emotional Disabilities.
Hi, a warm welcome to my Internet Therapist Office.
Life presents many challenging changes and adjustments and as your internet counselor, I am here to help you through them. Online counseling is a comfortable way for us to explore areas of concern without shame and guilt. You'll learn how to work through conflicts and stresses, and cope with disabilities, as we build a relationship together founded on trust.

Perhaps you're embarrassed, or have anxiety about discussing personal issues with a stranger. Well, some people believe it is actually easier to talk with an Internet Therapist in the privacy of your own home, than appearing in a counselor's office. Many of my clients who live in remote areas, or those with depression or disabilities, find it more convenient to use their computer to discuss issues with a caring professional.

I have a diverse background as a counselor, earning an MRC from the University of South Carolina's School of Medicine. I have a CRC and an LPCI. With my Certification in Psychiatric Rehabilitation, I am qualified to diagnose and counsel individuals with physical, cognitive, learning, and emotional disabilities.

I have experience with children, adolescents, and adults who suffer from mental health issues such as ADHD; Depression; Anxiety; PTSD; OCD; Parkinson's Disease; Schizophrenia; Borderline Personality Disorder; Bipolar Disorder; Eating Disorders; Alcohol, Drug, Gambling, Pornography and Sex Addictions; TBI; Stroke; and various other Personality and Mood Disorders.

I am also a Certified Rational Hypnotherapist which can be used for stress and anxiety, habit and pain control. Recently, my practice expanded to include relationship counseling (pre-marital), stress management, depression, extra-marital affair recovery, abuse issues, self-esteem issues, and goal attainment in sports activities.
I will use perfected listening skills and a heightened sense of empathy to creatively help you flush out bothersome underlying issues or problematic thinking. Hopefully, you will realize that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. My goal, once we establish a comfortable relationship, is to dedicate myself to helping you find a safe place where you feel confident revealing (and trusting) your innermost feelings.

Together, we will explore areas of conflict and dissatisfaction enabling you to significantly reshape and resolve these emotional experiences.I am comfortable working with you in e-mail format, chat, by telephone, or audio visual. I also have a face-to-face practice. Whatever method you choose, together we can sort things out.

I really look forward to talking with you,
Kathi R. Madison, LPC, CRC, DCC, CR.Ht.