Decision Making Hypnosis MP3

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No matter how small or large a decision is, sometimes it can be really stressful picking the right choice. Decision making can be complicated whether you are picking something as minor as the color of your clothes or a major life changing decision. This is often due to the shame bound culture that we live in with its expectations for perfection that we learned as children. You do not have to be doomed to continue those self-limiting belief systems. Your subconscious can assist you in viewing possible mistakes as natural and a positive step towards the ultimate solution to problems. History teaches us that some of the most revolutionary steps forward for our civilization have been due to mistakes such as the discovery for penicillin. This hypnosis MP3 will make decision making much easier and less stressful in general. The suggestions given in the hypnosis script will reduce your stress by helping you decide what your best pick will be, and reducing the stress and anxiety that making a decision might cause. There is no reason to feel that you have to do everything right. In fact the more pressure you put on yourself the more likely you are to make mistakes. The suggestions reduce shame and the belief of needing to be perfect. By Jef Gazley, M.S., LMFT who is a certified clinical hypnotist ©2011.