Thought Field Therapy or TFT (DVD)

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Thought Field Therapy is the energy psychology technique developed by Dr. Roger Callahan. Callahan terms his treatment Thought Field Therapy because when a person thinks about an experience or thought associated with an emotional problem, they are tuning in to a thought field. He describes this field as the most fundamental concept in the TFT system.

Dr. Callahan was a student of Dr. George Goodheart, a chiropractor and the originator of applied kinesiology and therapy localization. Dr. Goodheart is the real father of energy psychology. Dr. Callahan, Dr. Walker, and Dr. Diamond each studied with him and originated different energy psychology schools based on his work.

Conventional therapies attempt to intervene at the neural, chemical, hormonal, or cognitive levels, whereas TFT addresses psychological problems energetically on a quantum level. This mental health DVD investigates Thought Field Therapy in both lecture form and video demonstrations and is suitable for both lay people and clinicians.

Watch this energy psychology video today in your computer. Streaming the TFT video is inexpensive and fast.

By Jef Gazley LMFT, D.CEP. Copyright © 2009 - Internet Therapist LLC.