Hopelessness and Hope Hypnosis MP3

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In order for people to work towards their personal goals and attain them they have to feel that they are in charge of their life. They have to believe that their personal actions count for something. If they have this kind of faith they usually find the courage and action to work at those goals and achieve them. If they lose that hope they stop believing in themselves which saps their energy thus ensuring that they will fail which makes them feel even more hopeless that their actions mean anything. This hypnosis MP3 is dedicated to those who are lacking hope in their lives. Hopelessness goes hand in hand with depression. When people lose hope, they become depressed. The feeling that something good is never going to happen to them will disappear with the help of this hypnosis MP3. Gain back that belief in yourself. Recognize that positive feelings and thoughts are actually energy that automatically moves you towards your goals. Since your subconscious mind is infinitely more powerful than your conscious thoughts the suggestions in this wonderful hypnosis MP3 for hopelessness and helplessness will combat the negativity that has taken hold. Don’t let the negative loop of hopelessness continue to dominate your thinking. You are not helpless and anyone can turn things around if they put energy back into their lives. This hypnosis MP3 can be the first step to doing so. This hypnosis MP3 uses beach guided imagery with background music by Jef Gazley, M.S., LMFT, who is a certified clinical hypnotist ©2011.