Hypnotic Children's Stories MP3

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Children are normally in and out of hypnosis all day long. When they are involved with fantasy they naturally are in the state of Theta which is the brain wave state that is hypnosis. During that state they are very quiet and absorbed. What a great beginning to settling down to sleep. Parents have been using this technique to get their children to bed for generations. The only difference with this hypnotic MP3 is that our reader is a master in hypnotic voice inflections. Therefore she needs no suggestions other than the stories. The two titles are: The White Cat and Thumbelina. Children don’t need complicated suggestions or long trance statements to naturally go into hypnosis. They do it easily and naturally simply by their imagination. These two children’s stories make it easy to imagine and drift ever closer to sleep. Make bedtime an enjoyable experience again with these excellent hypnotic children’s stories. Enjoy your children again rather than spending your time on frustrating disciplinary techniques that often do not work.