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Quit Smoking Hypnosis MP3

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This hypnosis MP3 for smoking cessation talks directly to the subconscious area of your mind that can control the cravings that bring you back to your cigarettes even though the logical part of your mind is convinced of the need to quit this dangerous habit. Don’t let your cravings get the best of you. The suggestions in this hypnosis MP3 for quitting smoking can reduce and eliminate those cravings easily. Break the habit today that has been causing you so much harm in terms of health and happiness. There is no need to continue to be a slave to a self-destructive desire that goes against your deeper knowledge of what is best for you. Stop the coughing, lack of breath, social isolation, and the mounting financial costs that come as a result of this addiction. You can do it and this quit smoking hypnosis MP3 can help! This hypnosis MP3 is by Jef Gazley, M.S., LMFT, who is a certified clinical hypnotherapist. Jef is a member of the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis, the International Society of Clinical Hypnosis, a Clinical Member of the Norton Prince Institute of Hypnosis, a member of the National Board of Certified Hypnotherapists, and a member of the American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association. Hypnosis is an effective treatment modality. For best results any hypnosis MP3 or CD should be used as one tool in a complete health care regimen. Be aware that it is unsafe to operate a motor vehicle or machinery while listening to these hypnosis MP3s or CDs. Individual results may vary. This hypnosis MP3 for smoking cessation uses beach guided imagery with background music. This hypnosis script is by Jef Gazley, M.S., LMFT, who is a certified clinical hypnotherapist. Copyright © 2006.