Complete Set of All Mental Videos (Educational DVDs)

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This eight psychology DVD collection features Jef Gazley, M.S., LMFT, represent the compilation of what he has learned from studying the field of psychology and working with his diverse client population.

Each of these psychology videos are meant to stand alone, but were also developed as a comprehensive tool for understanding how early learning, especially in families, contributes to mental health problems in later life. Therefore, if a person comes from a dysfunctional family they are apt to have PTSD, have poor boundaries, and defective and abusive communication patterns.

They will not fully grow up and individuate and so will be more likely to develop codependence, alcohol and drug addiction, and love addiction. They will also tend to perpetuate the same dysfunctional parenting styles.

Each psychology DVD in this series describes in detail a major psychological and behavioral problem, and the signs and symptoms are delineated and solutions to those problems addressed. These educational DVDs are presented in easy to understand language. They are appropriate for mental health clinicians or anyone who simply wants to gain more understanding into their lives and their families.

Each educational DVD is able to stand alone as a complete class, but each DVD builds on the last one to fully explore the problems that stem from early learning and emotional issues.

Own the full set of 8 wellness self-help DVDs to complete your self-discovery and validate your feelings. Add all to your self-help library for continued self improvement. These psychology DVDs each offer (1) NBCC-approved CE clock hour: Dysfunctional Families, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Codependency, Chemical Dependence, Love Addiction, and Communication Skills.