Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT (eBook)

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Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is one of the most popular schools of Energy Psychology. EFT was originally developed by Gary Craig, one of the first students of Roger Callahan. Roger Callahan developed another form of energy psychotherapy called Thought Field Therapy. EFT is a quick, painless, and effective revolutionary counseling technique. Although EFT is the least sophisticated energy psychology technique, it is the most easily learned. It is the perfect self-help technique because a person can learn and administer it without the need of a therapist. Most other energy psychology techniques need the aid of a therapist for it to be effective. That makes this technique the best self-help tool available. This technique works well on nearly all emotional problems except bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, or problems with a large chemical imbalance as the primary problem. This ebook describes in detail and with illustrations the principles and steps of Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT. It is easy to read and understand and is helpful for mental health clinicians interested in learning more about energy psychology and for the layperson who is simply looking for a tool to help relieve their pain. This technique bypasses the conscious mind and instead works on the subconscious and the body where emotional pain really resides. It is a major leap forward in the psychological field and is still not known by the vast majority of people in or out of the mental health field. All the ebooks in this series are by author Jef Gazley LMFT, D.CEP who is one of the first energy psychologists and a pioneer in the field. He has been practicing psychotherapy for over 40 years, is the author of several books and DVD’s on the subject, and has presented them at many prestigious psychological conferences. Jef Gazley LMFT, D.CEP Copyright © 2009 - Internet Therapist LLC