Is that the reason I have a substance abuse problem? (Book)

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This educational book focuses on the enormous problem of alcoholism and drug addiction. Alcohol and drug problems are rampant in this country and around the world. Substance abuse or chemical dependence continues to grow and government around has been unable to stop its growth. This alcohol and drug book focuses on how this problem develops and the reasons why it is so hard to stop. Substance abuse problems are in reality a health problem and not a legal one and it is in that arena that it must be addressed in order to have a chance of stopping it. This chemical dependence book looks at the dynamics, symptoms, and treatment options for this difficult problem. The following is an excerpt from the book titled “Is That the Reason I have a Substance Abuse Problem” by Jef Gazley, LMFT, LISAC. “When most people think of addiction they think of physical addiction, but for our purposes I want to broaden that definition a bit. Addiction is any behavior or action that is all compulsive and aimed towards making feelings less painful or stopping the realization of a feeling altogether. It eventually self-destructive ramifications, but people continue to demonstrate addictive behaviors despite negative consequences. So, addiction is much more than just the physical abuse of a substance. It can include any activity that has self-destructive consequences over time. We are going to be discussing physical addiction, emotional addiction, and compulsions in general. In some ways these are distinctly different things and in some ways, they are very much the same. The main thing I want you to look at is balance.” The words chemical dependence, substance abuse, and drug abuse are really just different names dealing with the same syndrome. Is that the reason I have a substance abuse problem? discusses the chemical logic of alcohol addiction, as well as other addictive substances, and also describes the tendency of many abusers to self-medicate for underlying psychological disorders. It clearly defines the differences and similarities of abuse and addiction. By Jef Gazley MS, LMFT 2005 Available in printed format, e-book (downloadable book), and audio book on CD.