Practice Safe Stress (Book)

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Practice Safe Stress tackles the 'Toxic-Traumatic Trio' - Stress, burnout, and depression.

Learn practical and playful, inspiring and insightful strategies for transforming these toxins into life-affirming energy, creative focus, and goal-achievement.

The book is alive with imaginative language and memorable how to ideas for: Understanding the Four Stages of Burnout, Rebuilding Your Fire and Developing Natural Speed, and Achieving Liberation Through Emancipation Procrastination.

The Stress Doc™ also shares his own trials, errors, and triumphs in battling the 'Toxic Trio.'' Safe Stress provides many discrete and 'Top Ten' lists and strategic tips essays as educational/informational handouts. To quote the Internet Newsroom: Your Guide to the World of Electronic Factgathering: 'The most outstanding feature... is his 'psychohumor' essays. Always witty, thought-provoking and helpful.' With this easy-to-follow, fast paced, and fun health and wellness guide, you'll return often to Practice Safe Stress.

A little about the Stress Doc™... Mark Gorkin, MSW, LICSW, the 'Stress Doc'™ is a true original: an uncommon blend of gifted psychotherapist, organizational development consultant, acclaimed writer and keynoter who is redefining the field of 'Motivational Humor'. The Doc has a magical touch for transforming complex psychological insights and organizational issues into purposeful and practical ideas as well as playful yet powerful team-building tools that inspire the heart as much as the head... and will definitely impact your bottom line! Mark is AOL's 'Online Psychohumorist'™ with a worldwide following as an online and offline syndicated columnist. His writings appear regularly in such publications as Workforce Online,, Financial Services Journal online, Networking Today, MentalHelpNet, The Bright Side and Paradigm Magazine.

The Stress Doc is definitely battle-tested, having worked as a stress, team-building and violence prevention consultant for numerous major companies and government organizations, including the US Postal Service. Mark is a managing Anger/Preventing Violence seminar leader for PESI Healthcare, a national licensing educational company.

The Doc is also pioneering a multi-award-winning USA Today Online Hot Site. The Doc has also been featured in Biography Magazine. For you, what this means is simple: With an audience of any size, the Stress Doc's high energy programs are dynamic and interactive, inspiring and FUN.