Is that the reason why I cannot communicate well?

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This mental health ebook on communication titled “Is that The Reason That I Cannot Communicate Well?” by Jef Gazley, LMFT has been used in numerous mental health treatment clinics and hospitals and several university communication and assertiveness classes. “The content and structure of an assertive statement is only 25% of effective communication. The next 25% is body posture. An assertive statement becomes impossible if a person is speaking while in a slouched position. If a person is standing while the other person is sitting, the communication will seem aggressive, rather than assertive. With young children, it’s incredibly important to sit down on the floor while talking to them. It is imperative not to be in a threatening position at any time when communicating. The point is to find a physical rapprochement, if at all possible. Keep an open approachable stance. If one person is much taller than the other sitting down will help impart a feeling of with equality. It is also important not to discuss issues in a small room or in a room where intimacy could be sullied, such as the bedroom. The next 25% of effective communication is eye contact. A person should hold good eye contact without staring somebody down, or letting their gaze wander. This allows the communication partner to be assured that they are being listened to and that their position is being considered.” By Jef Gazley, M.S., LMFT ©2008