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Is that the reason why our family does not communicate well? (Book)

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Learn how to overcome the effects of a dysfunctional family. Did you come from a dysfunctional family? What does the phrase dysfunctional family mean? How do dysfunctional family members interact, and what kind of damage is the result? This educational book gives you a blue print of the dysfunctional family, the dynamics involved, how shame develops and how to solve it. It is a map to greater self-esteem and wellness. Is that the reason why our family does not communicate well, just like the other educational mental health books in this series, has been designed to appeal to individual clients or families, as well as the mental health clinician who is interested in learning more about this problem and how to treat it effectively. The following is an excerpt from the mental health book entitled “Is That The Reason Our Family Does Not Communicate Well?” by Jef Gazley, LMFT. “Dysfunctional families actually cause post-traumatic stress disorder. Children from dysfunctional families become dissociated; they are kids when they are adults, and they are adults when they should be kids. This phenomenon is called inverted parenting. If parents have not been addressing their own individuation issues and following sane rules, then what occurs, unfortunately, is they will pass this problem on to their own children. When a family grows up with dysfunctional family rules, either verbally or unstated, everything becomes gets turned around.” By Jef Gazley, M.S., LMFT Copyright © 2008 Is that the reason why our family does not communicate well? is available on printed format, e-book (downloadable book), and audio book on CD.