Learn a Foreign Language Hypnosis MP3

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Learning anything new is hard and takes time. Learning a foreign language is no different. It takes concerted effort, a lot of practice, and discipline with the conscious mind. The exciting thing about hypnosis is that it accesses the deeper parts of the brain that is amenable to suggestions. When this part of the brain is given suggestions to learn quicker and have more confidence that is exactly what it does. Why just rely on the conscious brain when you can get the whole brain working for you? This hypnosis MP3 increases your capacity to learn a foreign language even when you are not consciously focusing on it. The subconscious will continue to work on learning a foreign language even when you sleeping. This hypnosis MP3 has messages to learn quicker and thoroughly. It is not meant to be a substitute for independent study or effort, but rather a way to maximize and augment the effort you put in. This hypnosis audio file uses beach guided imagery with background music. It is by Jef Gazley, M.S., LMFT, certified clinical hypnotist ©2011. Jef has been utilizing hypnosis in his private psychotherapy sessions for over 40 years and is adept at direct hypnosis as well as Ericksonian hypnosis. He is a member in good standing with ASCH, the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis.