Self-esteem - Beach Hypnosis MP3

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Low self-esteem is at the core of most psychological and emotional problems that exist today. It destroys the life and happiness of so many people and most often there is no logical reason for it. Usually the people who feel guilt and shame are nice people who don’t deserve to feel badly about themselves. Although depression and anxiety disorders often have an underlying chemical problem, low self-esteem is one of the results. This self-hypnosis MP3 can greatly raise your self-confidence. Choose compassion over self-hate. Let yourself believe and know that you have value. Stop the meaningless critical voice inside that is mistakenly punishing you. Most people have a constant yet subconscious chatter in their head. Eighty-five percent of that self-talk is negative and even scarier the remaining fifteen percent is neutral. You can and do have the power to think and feel positively about yourself and your life. You deserve to have hope and to be happy. This self-hypnosis MP3 can move you towards that reality easily and gently. Take charge of your life today. This self-esteem hypnosis MP3 uses beach imagery and background music without any subliminal messages by Jef Gazley MS, LMFT who is a certified clinical hypnotist and psychotherapist with a private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona for over forty years. Copyright © 2006.