Stop Bedwetting Hypnosis MP3

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Most children have periodic problems with nocturnal enuresis or bed wetting. Some children however have severe and constant problems with controlling their bladders while they sleep. When a child wets the bed they become very embarrassed and suffer from a general loss of confidence and self-esteem. Their parents become frustrated and often feel that they are doing something wrong. Power struggles and mutual blame and shame can be the result. With the magic of hypnosis this does not have to be the case. Hypnosis is very effective in resolving this issue. Let the power of the subconscious resolve this problem. This highly effective hypnosis MP3 has suggestions to allow the child to sleep throughout the night and if they have to urinate they will spontaneously awaken in plenty of time to make it to the bathroom. This amazing hypnosis MP3 for bed wetting is usually sufficient in and of itself to stop nocturnal enuresis. However, most people do not know that children with attention deficit disorder are much more likely to develop this problem. If a child has ADD/ADHD they also tend to continue to have accidents into late adolescents. It becomes very frustrating and embarrassing for the child and their self-esteem suffers greatly. Many of our clients with ADD have reported being helped tremendously by a natural supplement called ADD-care®. The combination of this hypnosis MP3 and ADD-care® is unsurpassed for bed wetting and nocturnal enuresis. This hypnosis MP3 for bed wetting uses beach guided imagery with background music. This hypnosis script is by Jef Gazley, M.S., LMFT, who is a certified clinical hypnotherapist. Copyright © 2011.